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"If we focus on events, the best we can ever do is predict an event before it happens,
so that we can react optimally. But we cannot learn to create."

Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline
Great leadership is a creative process.
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FreshVue helps build purpose-centered businesses and organizations, that elevate and align the ways they think, relate, and work together, for optimized stakeholder value, corporate longevity, and sustainable societal impact.  

  • Individual and team Kolbe(TM)

  • Executive Coaching

  • Intercultural Development Index (IDI)



Leading self, others, and organizations are intricately entwined projects. FreshVue can

help you manage these dynamics with our methodology of simultaneous engagement in Context, Capacity, Climate and Culture.

  • FreshVue's 360 Feedback process

  • Kolbe(TM)

  • Intercultural Development Index

  • Coaching

Organizational Culture

& Capacity Building

We work with clients to develop strategic thinking practices, business acumen, and interpersonal skills that drive adaptive problem solving, healthy dialogue, and the ability to identify and navigate conflicting business tensions with greater ease.

  • FreshVue's 4 C's of Organizational Health

  • Intercultural Develoipment Index (IDI)

  • Growth-phase based approach to change



Technology Architecture

& Business Optimization

We help you navigate the constellation of points between your current position and your future arenas of play. By adopting a growth-phase based approach, we accompany you as you successfully manage the change process. This can result in effective integration, cooperation, and collaborative partnership at all levels.

  • Organizational growth-phase based approach

  • Communication Strategy

  • Intercultural Development Index (IDI)

Bridging the gap between the technological and physical worlds is our forte. We provide measurement and recommendations in an iterative loop to increase efficiency, productivity, and performance. Together we map organizational assets to facilitate sustainability and growth.

  • Expertly designed infinate whiteboard spaces on Miro for in person and remote collaborative work. 

  • Uniquely tailored web based tech solutions to facilitate processes to achieve your oragnization's goals.


We find the best way to get there through quick, immediate changes as well as long-term comprehensive strategies. 


about us

We use strategic storytelling, the visual world, and technology to elevate thinking,

performance, and impact. 


Our unique process amplifies individual strengths and expands organizational capacity

to streamline our client's efforts and maximize their impact on the path to their desired results.


Using insights from neuroscience and evidence-based processes, we help our clients develop new ways of thinking and operating that fuel the organization's strategic progress through daily decisions.

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At FreshVue we know...

who you are is how you lead

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